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[Mother’s Day Contest] Terms and Conditions:

  1. This contest is organized by Nirvana Memorial Garden (hereinafter referred to as the 'Organiser')

  2. This contest is open to anyone above 18 years old and contestants must be a PR or Singaporean residing in Singapore.

  3. 2 Lucky Winners will be announced on 26th May 2023 on the Facebook page. Organiser will inform winners via Facebook Messenger.

  4. Each entry must be completed in full. The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any incomplete entries at its sole and absolute discretion.

  5. If any winner cannot be contacted by Nirvana or fails to respond within three (3) days, that winner is taken to have forfeited and irrevocably given up and waived all rights to claim the prize. Any winner whose prize has been forfeited shall not be entitled to any compensation from Nirvana whether or not that winner has been notified of such forfeiture. Nirvana has the sole discretion to decide how to deal with unclaimed prizes and shall in any event not be obliged to select another winner.

  6. Contestants shall only submit one entry and multiple entries of the same shall be treated as 'spam' and shall be ignored.

  7. All personal particulars furnished are meant for identification purposes and will not be sold or given to any third parties.

  8. The Organiser reserves the right to amend these rules or terminate the contest at any time at its sole and absolute discretion. All decisions made by the Organiser under these rules shall be final and no discussion or correspondence will be entertained. The Organiser may, but is not required to, justify any decisions relating to this giveaway.

  9. By Participating, all Contestants release from and indemnify the Organiser, its agencies, sponsors, and representatives against, all liability, cost, loss, or expense arising out of acceptance of any prize or participation in the giveaway including (but not limited to) personal injury and damage to property and whether direct or consequential, foreseeable, due to some negligent act or omission or otherwise.

  10. Each participant consents that Nirvana may collect, use and disclose that participant’s personal data for the following purposes:

  • to organise, conduct and administer the Contest;

  • to attribute the participant as the creator or author of the entry;

  • promotional, marketing and publicity purposes relating to the Contest and Nirvana in general;

  • Nirvana will not disclose any participant’s personal data outside of the above purposes to third parties without first obtaining the participant’s consent, unless such disclosure is required by law or disclosure without consent is permitted under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.


[母亲节竞赛] 条例与条款:

  1. 此竞赛由富贵山庄生命纪念馆主办(以下简称 “主办方” )。

  2. 此竞赛向18岁以上的任何人开放,奖品仅适于居住在新加坡的公民或永久居民。

  3. 2位幸运儿将于 2023年5月26日 在 Nirvana Facebook Page上公布。主办方将会透过 Facebook Messenger 联系参赛者。

  4. 所有项目都必须填写完整。主办方将保留自行决定取消任何参赛资格的权益。

  5. 如果 Nirvana 无法联系到任何获奖者或未能在三 (3) 天内作出回应,则该获奖者将被视为放弃所有索取奖品的权利。任何奖品被没收的获奖者无权从 Nirvana 获得任何赔偿,无论该获奖者是否已收到此类没收通知。Nirvana 可自行决定如何处理无人认领的奖品,并且在任何情况下都没有义务选择其他获奖者。

  6. 每位参赛者仅能提交一次,多次提交将被视为 “垃圾邮件” 并被忽略。

  7. 参赛者提供的所有个人资料仅用于识别目的,不会出售或提供给任何第三方的平台或人士。

  8. 主办方保留随时自行决定修改这些规则或终止竞赛的权利。主办方根据这些规则做出的所有决定均为最终决定,不会为此进行讨论或回复。主办方可以,但无需证明与此赠品有关的任何决定是合理的。

  9. 所有参赛者将免除主办方、其代理机构、赞助商和代表,因接受任何奖品或参与赠品而引起的所有责任、成本、损失或费用。包括(但不限于)人身伤害和财产损失,无论是直接的或间接的、可预见的,由于某些疏忽行为造成的的责任,并向其作出赔偿。

  10. 每位参与者均同意 Nirvana 可以出于以下目的收集、使用和披露该参与者的个人数据:

    • 组织、实施和管理竞赛;

    • 将参与者归类为条目的创建者或作者;

    • 与 Nirvana 一般相关的促销、营销和宣传目的;

    • Nirvana 不会在未事先征得参与者同意的情况下向第三方披露上述目的之外的任何参与者的个人数据,除非此类披露是法律要求的或根据 2012年《个人数据保护法》允许未经同意的披露。

  11. 以上为条款和条件的中文译本,仅供参考。倘若英文与中文版本的内容有任何歧义或抵触,一概以英文版本为准。

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